Andras Schram

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Andras Schram brings a European flavour into the depth of his camera lens. This self-taught, international, multi-award winning photographer is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but his work and workshops frequently take him traveling around the globe.
He has captured the essence of thousands of subjects over a career span of 2 decades. It’s no surprise that his mastery is regularly featured with celebrities on the covers of magazines.
He has an eye for the human spirit and a deep passion to capture presence. His talent for portrait, fashion, cinema, set, editorial and wedding photography are closely followed and admired by thousands, and for good reason.

His photographs are poetic and sacred art.
Andras sees the soul and not the mask. And he captures this intimacy in a form that penetrates beyond the human senses.
His work is intuitive. No two photo shoots look alike. It’s no coincidence why 600+ couples have entrusted him with their wedding day. He has an eye for human connection that will take your breath away.
His portraits feel like meditation. They capture the soul in pure, raw, intimate form. The experience of an Andras Schram portrait shoot is healing. Any perceived flaws or insecurities you arrive with will dissolve on the other side of his lens. You’ll feel like a celebrity, because he believes you are.
Whether you’re being photographed for a portrait, your wedding, fashion, cinema or an underwater shoot, nothing about the experience will be ordinary. You’ll fall in love with yourself behind his lens and you’ll see a part of yourself you’ve never yet met.
Contact Andras with your photography request. He’d be deeply honoured to photograph you.